Freespace 2, the award winning sim of the year '99 is undoubtedly one of the best 3D space combat games ever made. A superb space opera of epic proportions with a strong emphasis on plot development combined with spectacular graphics and story-based missions.

A single-player campaign with over 30 missions. New scenarios include flying with Vasudan squadrons, piloting advanced stealth fighters, and "painting" targets with TAG (Target Acquisition & Guidance) missiles. Command up to eleven squadmates in battle. Order them to defend, attack, disarm or disable your target. An in-depth combat system enables players to target and destroy subsystems, disabling engines, defensive turrets, missile batteries, and fighterbays. Armed with cutting-edge weaponry, new fighters and bombers hurl the player into complex, fast-paced WWII-style dogfights. Encounter 70 space-faring vessels, including these new ship classes: With over 60 turrets, Juggernauts span six kilometers from bow to stern and are virtually indestructible. .

FS2The Multiplayer game, played on FS2Netd's online hub, offers an intense competition in either Team versus Team, Co-operative or Free for all modes with up to 12 players per game.

Freespace 2 still exists to this day due to the dedicated pilots of Freespace 2 and Teamwars, those who helped were among HLP and others, thanks to them, we managed to salvage this excellent space sim.




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